A New Way to Unblock Streaming Websites

With several streaming websites hiding behind geo-blocking, accessing such content can be a nightmare. If you enjoy streaming content from such sites, such as music and video services, chances are very high that you have already come across smart DNS and VPN services to unlock the geo-blocked content. Smart DNS and VPN services serve the same function. Both are used to bypass restrictions placed by streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, YouTube and Amazon. Between a smart DNS and a VPN, which one should you use?

VPN vs. Smart DNS

If you are not conversant with how the two work, a VPN and a smart DNS may seem the same thing, since both serve one basic function of unblocking content from restricted streaming websites. However, the two have main differences. Based on your needs when browsing online, choosing one instead of the other can create a huge difference. Just like other online services, it is important to have a deep understanding of both, in order to determine the one that suits your needs.


As you might already know, a VPN service reroutes your online activity, through an encrypted pathway, all the way to an external server. With this encrypted pathway, it is practically impossible for the target website to trace back your IP address to your current physical location. This means that you can surf the internet anonymously, with all intents and purposes. As such, all browsing limitations are removed.

The connection between the websites you visit and the server is not encrypted. Therefore, someone watching your online activity, as well as the websites you are visiting can trace it to the IP address provided by the VPN server. However, it ends there. Since these VPN servers can be located anywhere in the world, a VPN server is also a means of unlocking geo-blocked sites.

For example, if you visit Netflix using a VPN server hosted in the US, it will appear as if your actual location is U.S., which is not the case. This means that you can stream all the content available for US residents. The only benefit of using a VPN is the surfing security that it provides. However, you must be ready to sacrifice your browsing speed for security. VPNs tend to be way slower than smart DNS services. In fact, most people regard them as old school methods. However, if you are not ready to sacrifice your speed for security, which is always the case with most people, a smart DNS service should be your most preferred choice.

Smart DNS Services

In simple terms, smart DNS services serve the same function as VPNs. However, they do that in a different way. A smart DNS service receives the information defining your user region, and changes it to a different geographical location. What does that mean? It simply means that if you are in Eastern Europe and you want to access BBC iPlayer in the UK, all you need is a smart DNS service. Once it receives your information, it will give you a location in the UK. This immediately gives you access, and allow you to stream this content.

One of the main differences between VPNs and smart DNS is the issue of security. What you should know is that smart DNS services are not tools for browsing or surfing anonymously. It just re-routes your traffic by changing the DNS settings on your router or browsing device. This makes it the perfect method of accessing geo-restricted content from streaming websites.

So, why should you choose a smart DNS instead of VPN? As previously noted, a smart DNS service does not bother with encryption. This means that with a smart DNS connection, you will be able to enjoy lighting fast streaming speeds. This makes downloading content, watching videos and playing online games smooth, fast and enjoyable. Additionally, smart DNS are much cheaper than VPN services. Here is the link where you can get a free 2 week trial for smart DNS: http://proxyuncle.com/blog/smart-dns-proxy-review/

Bottom Line

Recently, streaming websites such as Netflix have realized that unauthorized people are using VPN services, to access their content. As a result, they have come up with stringent measures, to stop the use of VPN services. Although VPN services are useful when it comes to security, their usefulness in unblocking websites continues diminishing every day. Therefore, a smart DNS service is always the best option if you want to access blocked content from streaming websites.