The Best Cabinet Table Saw Buying Guide

Table saws have been in use for so many years. This, however, doesn’t make them any less useful, on the contrary, every woodworker knows that the versatile and efficient nature of a table saw makes it a necessary addition to any woodwork project.


There are different reasons why anyone would select a cabinet table saw over a contractors saw or a hybrid saw. Its efficiency, the caster build, and its closed dust collection system are a sure bait for anyone who has worked with wood for a while. What is the best woodworking power tool 2017 for the money?

The silent vibration makes this a tool that would entice anyone who is probably overwhelmed with the noise of the motor. Having made the decision to settle for a cabinet table saw, it is then important to select the right saw. Below we discuss what to look for in a good cabinet saw as this decision will be a long term one.

1. Horse Power

This is a feature will look for in an engine and a feature that is also essential in a saw’s motor. The horsepower determines the size of wood that can be cut and the kind of voltage you will require.

A horsepower of between 1.5 and two will normally use the normal household voltage of 120V. If you are therefore looking for a saw that can be used in your home basement then this would probably be it. Its major disadvantage, however, is that it can only cut wood that is about two inches thick and below.


A horsepower of between 3 and 5 uses a voltage of 240v meaning that your home socket might not be enough. This kind of table cabinet saw is able to cut wood a minimum of 3 inches which is definitely good.

Its major disadvantage may be the strength of kickback which may be dangerous.

2. Safety Risks.

Choose a cabinet saw that has a riving knife instead of a splitter. A riving knife moves up and down and reduces the flying pieces of wood.

A good cabinet saw also has a flesh sensor which stops the saw within a millimeter of detecting human flesh. While all these safety precautions may cost you a bit more, there really isn’t any price that can be put on safety.

3. Mobility.

If you’re looking to move your saw from place to place then a cabinet saw may not be a solution. The average weight of a small size cabinet is still a whopping 600lbs.However, if all the other features of the cabinet saw suit you, then you must consider a cabinet saw with inbuilt caster wheels. This will enable you to move it from place to place without needing a second person’s assistance.

4. Storage Options.

Most woodworkers would like the option of keeping all their other tools at the same place. Different models of cabinet saws offer different storage options. Some offer you a magnetic surface which will hold all your metallic tools in place. Some even offer you cabinet space at the bottom which holds all your tools in place.

5. Budget

This is a major limitation when it comes to buying tools. If you have already decided on what you want in a cabinet saw, then look at the different options available in your budget range. Sometimes smaller cheaper saws hold all the features we are looking for. If you are however able to pay the higher amount, then, by all means, select the best cabinet saw money can buy.

6. Customer Reviews

Different people have different experiences with tools. It is important too, therefore, read customer reviews on the internet before selecting a cabinet saw. Considering this is a saw that will serve you for a few years, it makes more sense to know exactly what you are going to expect before settling. If 95% of the customers complain of saw chocking then there must be a genuine concern there. Avoid it.

It is important to also watch demos on YouTube in order to see the working of a particular saw and whether it suits your requirements.

7. Model Type

We all have that one particular manufacturer we would trust with our life. If a certain manufacturer has proven to produce machines that are consistent and of high quality then, by all means, stick with them. The kind of reviews that manufacturers get should serve as a starting point in your selection. However trying a new model is also a welcome decision as you never know what is out there unless you try.

In conclusion, the type of woodwork you are involved in, the time you spend in woodworking a day and the amount of space you have should also come in handy when deciding to pick a certain cabinet saw.

I hope this was helpful!