Masters Tournament live stream

[Watch] Masters Golf 2020 Live Stream Online

Viewers from all around the world can get a complete list of options to watch Masters Tournament Live Stream Golf 2020 Online below. All over the world, Golf lovers are plenty where online users search for different ways to watch the Golf championships. Well, in the year 2020, we are just a few months away to witness the Masters Tournament 2020, and the fans are eagerly excited for the same. As the case for the internet user goes, we have brought the best of channels to watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream online.

Masters Tournament live stream


Moving on to the championship, the event will run from December 9, 2020, and will end on December 15. 2020. In terms of the venue, the Masters Golf returns to its home ground, the Melbourne Golf Club. This will be the third time in the 25 year history when the match will be played on this ground.

Talking about the players, every single venue and internet fans will get to see world-class players taking an active part in the Masters Tournament 2020 Championship.

As of now, let us move ahead and discover some of the very best ways to watch the Masters Golf 2020 live stream online.

Masters Golf 2020 FAQ

When it is Happening?

Masters Golf 2020 starts from 9th to 12th April 2020.

What about the Venue for Masters 2020?

Augusta National Golf Club will host the 84th edition of Masters.

Will Tiger Woods Play in the Tournament?

Tiger Woods confirmed for Masters 2020.

How to watch Masters 2020?

Sky Sports will broadcast the exclusive coverage of Masters 2020.

Get to Know the Ways to Watch Masters Tournament 2020 Golf Live Streaming Online

Out of every single channel and service for watching the Masters Tournament 2020 live, we have got the proven and working ones for you.

Indeed, we have jotted down some of the best social media channels that will help you to watch the matches, live online.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the topic and discover every single streaming option, one by one.

Masters Tournament 2020 live streaming


Masters golf live stream
Watch Masters online

1. CBS Sports

Talking about the official and one of the best options will bring CBS Sports into the spotlight. Indeed, the company is running for years, where they are offering some of the best streaming services.

Coming down to their pricing, it is definitely on the affordable side where they offer a free streaming plan too. However, the free plan composes of ads where it is recommended to watch matches by choosing the paid plans.

Also, for people who are worrying about the streaming quality of CBS Sports, the company has done an amazing job. For each of their sports matches, they deliver excellent streaming quality. Even more, you can use any of the devices and effectively watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream using CBS Sports.

2. Golf TV

If you are not eager to spend large amounts of money on the streaming services, you can use the Golf TV to watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream. Indeed, with Golf TV, you are also getting the option to watch Premium Clips that is yet another brilliant thing.

Coming down towards the device support of Golf TV, it is genuinely on the impeccable side. Right from offering support to older devices along with the latest, they have expanded their device support section.

Also, in the streaming quality section, Golf TV has done quite a fabulous job. Each of their matches offers the best in class streaming quality whereas you can watch every game in the highest quality.

3. Foxtel

Regardless of your place in the entire world, if you have a Foxtel streaming service at your rescue, you don’t need to worry about anything. With Foxtel, the plans are genuinely on the affordable side where you can get the plans at $29 per month. This pricing is definitely cheaper where you can get to watch tons of sports matches.

Firstly, talking about the streaming quality of the Foxtel, the company have done their best to install servers in multiple locations. With this, you are bound to get brilliant streaming quality, every single time.

Even more, with Foxtel, you don’t ever need to worry about the device support. Whether you use the Android devices or the iOS ones, Foxtel is brilliant enough to offer support to each of the devices.

Lastly, the company also offers some day’s free trial period. For the people who want to test the services before purchasing, they can opt for the Foxtel free trial period. After testing, if you feel like purchasing, subscribe to their starter pack and watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream online.

4. Kayo Sports

For the people of Australia who are diehard fans of watching the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream, Kayo Sports is one brilliant option for them.

Starting with the pricing, Kayo Sports starter plan costs around $35 per month, which is extremely affordable. Along with the plan, you will get tons of features and channels that will amplify your entire streaming experience.

Also, with Kayo sports, you don’t need to worry about the streaming quality. Each of Kayo Sports channel delivers the best of all quality. Even in the device support section, Kayo Sports beats some of the top Australian brands.

Additionally, if you will go for the higher packages, you can avail of the exclusive Kayo Sports DVR feature.

All in all, if you live in Australia and willing to watch the Masters Tournament 2020 online, Kayo Sports is one of the most excellent options.

5. Sky Sports

If you live in the lands of the United Kingdom, you can use the Sky Sports for watching the entire Masters Tournament 2020 online.

Indeed, the company is running for over a decade now where they have made their way into the streaming industry. Looking at the pricing of Sky Sports, its $25 per month plan is definitely useful to watch lots of sports matches.

Also, As Sky Sports is a reputed company, you are bound to get the best of all streaming quality without an issue.

Even more, the device support of Sky Sports is impeccable which makes this streaming service provider, probably the best from the rest.

However, if you live outside the United Kingdom and still want to access Sky Sports, you can choose an excellent Virtual private network. With the same, you can connect with a nearby VPN server and watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream, the best possible way.

6. Sling TV

Coming down towards the section of the best of all streaming services, Sling TV has to be the first name. At the pricing of $25 per month, you can’t really get any cheaper plans than the Sling TV.

At $25 per month, Sling TV offers the best of all channels where you just need to have a good net connection. Also, with Sling TV, the device support has always been on the improvement curve. Time after time, the company has improved its device support.

Even in the streaming quality section, Sling TV is definitely on top of other streaming service providers. They offer excellent quality to each of their channels.

Further, for the people who don’t get enough time to watch matches live, they can avail the DVR feature from Sling TV.

Using the DVR feature, you can effortlessly watch matches on your preferred time, but you will have to pay for the same.

What’s more? Sling TV also offers a fantastic 7-Days free trial period. Therefore, before you choose their services, you can test the same. After testing, if things go well, you can then move ahead and purchase their premium plans.

7. Hulu

Being a streaming service that is still undergoing improvements, they are surely on the right track. At the starting price of $35 per month. Hulu offers some brilliant list of channels and features.

Whether you are eager to watch sports matches or entertainment shows, Hulu TV is the all-time king. Here, the device support for every single device is above par. Right from offering support to iOS devices to the older Roku ones, Hulu has done an incredible job in this section.

Also, in the streaming quality section, the company has installed different servers in different locations. With this, you don’t really need to worry about the quality of your streaming.

In case of any server delay, the company switches to another server offers good streaming throughout the match.

Further, similar to other streaming services, Hulu offers the exciting DVR feature. Using the DVR functionality of Hulu TV, you can watch unlimited games and shows at your preferred time.

Also, if you are not willing to pay upfront, you can choose Hulu TV’s 7 Days free testing period. Using the same, you can effectively test the Hulu TV services.

If everything is going according to your plan, you can then take a leap ahead and buy their premium plan options.

8. Fubo TV

Being the lone king in the streaming industry, Fubo TV has got it all to watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream. Yes, despite their pricing being kept at $54.99 per month, internet users are still purchasing Fubo TV plans.

Well, the reason is quite simple. Fubo TV has offered each and everything inside their packages. Right from providing around 60 to 70 high definition quality channels to delivering excellent device support, the company hasn’t missed out on anything.

Also, in the streaming quality section, Fubo TV has won the hearts of plenty of individuals. Each of their channels imparts the best of all quality where you can use Fubo TV to watch different shows and matches.

Even more, if you don’t get enough time to watch the matches live online, you can also avail of the company’s DVR feature. Using the same, you can record your favorite matches and watch them as and when you get time.

Though, the DVR feature of Fubo TV comes at the price of $14.99 extra. Therefore, if you can pay for this amount, you can move ahead and purchase the Fubo TV’s DVR feature.

Lastly, for the people who like to test the Fubo TV services before purchasing, the company offers a fantastic 7-Days free trial period. Using the free period, you can test their services. If things go well, you can then move ahead and purchase Fubo TV paid plans.

9. YouTube TV

For internet users who are pretty much serious about the streaming quality, they can opt for YouTube TV services.

The company delivers plans at $49.99 per month which is pretty much on the affordable side. At such fantastic pricing, you don’t need to worry about anything. All you require is to avail their packages and have a high performing internet connection.

Additionally, as the company promises to offer amazing streaming quality, they have got their servers installed in different locations.

With this, the effortless and high streaming quality is guaranteed from a streaming provider like YouTube TV.

Also, YouTube TV offers an amazing DVR feature with no additional pricing. Therefore, you can opt for any plans from YouTube TV, and you will get the DVR feature, out of the box.

Even more, YouTube TV does offer some days of the free trial period. Using the free trial period, you can test each and everything about YouTube TV. If things go well, you can then freely purchase their premium plans.

10. PlayStation Vue

Contrary to the branding of PlayStation Vue, the company has done extremely well to offer quality plans to the customers. Their pricing starts from $49.99 per month, which brings tons of channels and value-added features.

Also, with PlayStation Vue, you will get excellent device support where you can get a chance to choose from multiple devices. Either you want to avail of the latest devices or the older ones, PlayStation Vue is the one-word answer.

Even more, with PlayStation Vue, the steaming quality has always been above par. Whether you are willing to watch the sports shows or entertainment ones, you will get a uniform streaming quality, every single time.

Also, similar to other streaming services, PlayStation Vue offers the amazing DVR feature. Using the DVR feature, you can record your videos and watch them on your preferred time frame.

Lastly, if you are not willing to pay for the PlayStation Vue services upfront, you can get the 5-Days trial period. This is a free period where you can test everything about the PlayStation Vue.

After testing, if you feel like purchasing the plans, you can then move ahead and buy premium plans.

11. AT&T TV Now

It might sound like a new name in the list of sports live streaming services but trust us it is not. What used to be DirectTv Now is called AT&T TV Now. Almost the same service but with a new name. Well just like the old times the live stream quality is great and pretty much affordable. The subscription packages vary from 50 USD a month to 135 USD. However to watch the Masters Golf 2020 the basic 50 USD package will suffice. This channel covers the Americas and in case you are from a location that is geo-blocked then purchase any good VPN service and it would suffice. Just get it and enjoy the entire coverage of the game.

How to Watch Masters Tournament Golf Online from Different Countries

The 2020 Masters Golf is the most awaited event for golf fans around the world.  The prestigious event will take place at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Victoria Melbourne, Australia. This will the 13th edition of the Masters Tournament 2020 is the 13the edition of the Masters Golf which will be played from 9 to 15 December 2020.

United StatesNBC
AustraliaFOXTEL and Kayo Sports
United KingdomSky Sports
South AfricaSuperSport
MexicoGolf TV
JapanJ Sports

Watch the 2020 Masters Golf in the United States

Golfing fans in the US can watch the Masters Tournament by tuning to the NBC. However, the golf tournament can be watched on TV and also on any of the latest internet gadget. There is also the live streaming option provided by the channel which the fans can use to watch the event on their desktops and laptops. 

The entire telecast of the Masters Tournament can be watched on live streaming options like Hulu TV, FuboTV, Sling TV, Direct TV, etc. All you have to do is buy the subscription of these streaming avenues. 

If you can’t afford to spend large amounts of money on the live streaming channels, then Golf TV is an option to watch the 2020 Masters Tournament. Golf TV provides Premium Clips. Golf TV is compatible with all the latest android and iOS devices.

Also, the picture quality that Golf TV has to offer is fabulous.  All the matches streamed on the channel have the highest streaming quality.

Masters Golf Live in Canada

Canadian fans of the Golf can watch the 2020 Masters Tournament on TSN. It is a great channel to watch the sport on TV in Canada. TSN will not fail to keep you entertained where you can watch the entire sport from start to finish. The channel also has a mobile TSN Go which can be downloaded on both android and iOS devices. TSN does not ask you for a subscription that’s a great thing about the channel. 

United Kingdom

Sky Sports is the best option for fans living in the UK. Sky Sports provides the complete coverage of the 2020 Masters Tournament.  The $25 per month package is certainly worth it. The channel has a great streaming quality, what else is needed? Moreover, the channel has done an impeccable job in its device support which is compatible with all the latest gadgets.

South Africa

Talking about the best channel to watch the 2020 Masters Tournament in South Africa, the first name is the SuperSport. SuperSport one of the best channels to watch sporting events. The channel works with the DSTV platform which makes the experience of watching the event more enjoyable.


Mexican fans can watch the 2020 Masters Tournament on Golf TV. with Golf TV you can save a lot of money. The channel is filled with a lot of premium programs and it is indeed a better option to watch the 2020 Masters Tournament completely.


If you live in Sweden then TVMatchen is the best option to watch the 2020 Masters Tournament on live streaming. The channel has improved the picture quality to a great extent with the price that is affordable you will get a lot of features.


J Sports is the channel to watch the 2020 Masters Tournament in Japan. It is the national sports channel in the country. However, the channel might not telecast the entire 2020 Masters Tournament, but you can watch most of the games.

Stream Masters Tournament Golf in Australia

The 2020 Masters Tournament can be watched in Australia on two channels, the FOXTEL and the Kayo Sports. Both the channels are good.

With Foxtel, the plans are frankly on the inexpensive side the plans cost as low as $29 per month. This price is certainly less expensive than a lot of the channels in the market. They have the best picture quality and supports all the devices.  The free trial is also available. 

Kayo Sports is another brilliant channel for golf fans in Australia. Priced at $35 a month is very cheap.  There are loads of features and channels included in the package. The channel can support all the latest devices with top-notch streaming quality. 

How to Watch Masters Tournament live stream Online Using Social Media Platforms?

Keeping aside the live streaming channels, social media is another fantastic way to watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream. Yes, with social media channels, you don’t really need to pay for anything.

Indeed, social media are one of the best and free ways to watch the entire President’s Cup 2020 online. However, before you use social media, make sure to have a faster speed net connection and a compatible device.

Therefore, as of now, let us move ahead and discover every single social media channel, one by one.

1. Reddit

Among the top-class social media platforms for online streaming, Reddit has to be the first one. Indeed, Reddit is a free social media platform where you don’t need to spend on streaming services.

All you require is a faster speed net connection, device, and a working Reddit account. After this, you can go into the subreddit section and search for Masters Tournament 2020 streaming links.

Make sure to visit the subreddits that have got relevancy with the Golf events. Now, this is where you will need to search for different links. Also, you will have to test, try each link and see which one works the best.

After a series of testing, you will get some best links to watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream.

Also, you can even make friends on Reddit that have got a keen interest in watch Golf matches.

Therefore, by getting streaming links from your friends, you can save some hefty amount of time.

2. Facebook

Yet another excellent social media platform and Facebook will be one of them. Yes, Facebook has improved its list of features where people are now using Facebook for streaming purposes.

Here, all you need is to visit different Facebook sections and look for streaming links. Either pages or trying the latest Facebook watch feature, you can try any to watch Masters Tournament 2020 live stream free online.

Indeed, you will need to spend some right amount of time with Facebook to get quality streaming links.

After you get links, move ahead, avail a good net connection and watch the entire Masters Tournament 2020 live stream, the freeway.

3. Twitter

Apart from Facebook and Reddit, Twitter is yet another valuable platform to watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream online.

Using Twitter, you can join groups of people that are interested in offering golf match streaming links. Here too,

you will have to test every streaming link and see which one works the best.

Also, if you can make friends on Twitter like Reddit, you can get the streaming links in less amount of time. After getting links, you can then move ahead and watch Masters Tournament 2020 online, the best and easiest way.

4. StumbleUpon

Another great platform to watch the Presidents club live stream that too free of cost is StumbleUpon. This hybrid blogging cum social media platform is really cool. Firstly the number of spammy content here is the bare minimum and there is content full of quality here. It’s both a blogging and link sharing/media sharing platform. That means just like any other social media platform here too you will find many good live stream links for the golfing championship. Just join StumbleUpon and start following the relevant handles. Soon you would have access to some great live stream links that too absolutely free of cost.

How to Watch Masters Tournament Golf Online from Australia?

A lot of ways available for Australian Golf lovers to stream the 2020 Masters Tournament. Free air broadcast will be on Channel Nine with 27 hours of coverage starting from 9th December 2020. Viewers can watch the golf event through an on-demand video from GOLFTV. If you are planning to watch free, follow the subreddits and get the links to official channels for Masters Tournament 2020.

Masters Tournament 2020 Live Twitter Updates

The USA team lead Day 1 of Masters Tournament Golf 2020.

Masters Tournament 2020 Teams & Players

If you are wondering about the teams for the upcoming Masters Tournament 2020, it is divided among two teams.

First of all, Tiger Woods will be the captain of the US team. Indeed, he is an iconic feature, won several Golf events and will be the best fit as the US Team Captain.

While on the other hand, Ernie Els will captain the International team at the Masters Tournament 2020. For sure, the International team will consist of the top class players where they will try their best to beat the US Team.

Now, if you are wondering which will be the players from the US team and International team, we have got an entire listing.

Let’s move ahead and uncover the names of players from each team.

Masters Past champions

Player Country Year(s) won
Tiger Woods  United States 1997, 2001, 2002,
2005, 2019
Patrick Reed  United States 2018
Sergio García  Spain 2017
Danny Willett  England 2016
Jordan Spieth  United States 2015
Bubba Watson  United States 2012, 2014
Adam Scott  Australia 2013
Charl Schwartzel  South Africa 2011
Phil Mickelson  United States 2004, 2006, 2010
Ángel Cabrera  Argentina 2009
Trevor Immelman  South Africa 2008
Zach Johnson  United States 2007
Mike Weir  Canada 2003
Vijay Singh  Fiji 2000
José María Olazábal  Spain 1994, 1999
Bernhard Langer  Germany 1985, 1993
Fred Couples  United States 1992
Sandy Lyle  Scotland 1988
Larry Mize  United States 1987


Masters Golf 2020 Tickets

For the fans who are eager to buy the tickets for the 2020 Masters Tournament 2020, they can buy the same from official websites. Although, you may also find some unofficial sites that can offer you genuine match tickets at no additional pricing.

In terms of the pricing, match tickets for the Masters Tournament 2020 start from $45 Aud and goes up to $2650 where you can watch matches being in the four-day international club.

Altogether, based on your budget, you can buy your wishful tickets and watch the Masters Tournament 2020 event, live online.

Also, you can check online for some excellent value-added discounts. Reach out to the agents and see if they can offer you discounts on tickets. Additionally, there websites that offer discounts on bulk purchases.

From, either way, you will need to browse most of the websites and purchase tickets from the one; you find most suitable.

Wrapping Things Up

Summing up the entire useful article to watch the Masters Tournament 2020 live stream online, I hope you have got entire information.

Either the free ones or the paid streaming channels and services, you can choose almost any from the above channels.

Therefore, if you don’t really have any money in your pockets, you can go for social media platforms. Or else, the paid streaming services are well enough to offer you the best of all streaming experiences.

Additionally, we have offered you in-depth information about the team players, schedule, tickets along with the ticket pricing.

Therefore, the final call depends on your personal choices and preferences. Move ahead, choose any of the above streaming channels and effortlessly watch Masters Tournament 2020 live, with ease and comfort.