2019 Presidents Cup Selections and Captains Pick

Firstly, speaking about the start date of the Presidents Cup 2019, it will begin on the 9th of December and will end on the 15th of December.

During the course of time, the fans will be quite eager to buy the match tickets. In this case, you can buy tickets from different online and offline options. Or else, if you are an experienced campaigner, you can always opt for a broker to buy the match tickets.

As of now, let’s take a leap ahead and uncover the 2019 Presidents Cup Selections along with Captains Pick.

2019 Presidents Cup Selections and Captains Pick

Golf fans all over the world must have paid massive money to watch Tiger Woods right in the Presidents Cup 2019. Well, all their prayers have been fulfilled as Tiger Woods will lead the USA team in Presidents Cup 2019.

Starting with the basics, Woods chose himself where Tony Finau, Patrick Reed, and Gary Woodland are also selected as the captain picks.

However, after a series of discussions, Tiger woods is selected as the captain of the US team. Indeed, he has got all the experience and definitely knows how to lead his team on to the path of victory.

Right at Royal Melbourne Golf Club, the USA team and the international team will fight against each other.

Also, Speaking about the other players of the USA team, each of them has got a fair amount of experience. Therefore, right at the center stage of the tournament, Tiger woods will definitely try his hardest to make his team lead on the paths of victory.

On the other hand, it’s the International team that will be led by Ernis Els which is yet another experienced campaigner. Over the course of time, he has won plenty of golf matches and his achievements are unbeatable too.

Plus, players in the team of Ernis Els are experienced campaigners. Each of them has won tons of matches. Currently, every single player in the International team are putting all their hard work in training.

2019 Presidents Cup Selections and Captains Pick

More Information on 2019 Presidents Cup Selections

Talking about Tiger Woods, he won the Zozo championship right in the month of October, 2019. Thereafter, no sort of questions rose whether he will be picked for the 2019 Presidents Cup or not.

Also, due to his commendable wins, he is all-set to lead the US team in the 2019 Presidents Cup.

Moving ahead, the next player Patrick Reed went off seasons before the Presidents Cup 2019. Well, he was not looking in the best of forms and lost tons of his matches.

However, since a few weeks, it seems that the player has got it’s touch and this time, he is all-set to rock in the 2019 Presidents Cup.

Further, speaking about Gary Woodland, his selection would have been tough if he hasn’t played well in the Asian Games.

However, Woodland came into the top five listings right at the CJ Cup along with Zozo.

The 2019 Presidents Cup will be his first one and he will try his best to led his team to the charts of victory.

Further, whenever we talk about Tony Finau, he was among the final selections of Tiger Woods list. Even though he finished 9th in the standings, he is the X factor and the player entire golf world will have to watch out for.

Well, for the Presidents Cup 2019, he is all-set to give his all and let his team win against the International team. Let’s check out the Teams for President’s Cup 2019 below.

US Team Players











International Team Players:











Final Word of Mouth

Well, the Presidents Cup 2019 start is just a few days away and the fans are eagerly waiting for this event. Speaking about the match, both the teams are training relentless hard and will give a tough fight to each other.

Hence, as fans, all you need is to put a little bit of patience in both the teams. Eventually, you can choose from online and offline streaming options. Or else, you can also buy the event tickets and watch 2019 Presidents cup being right at the stadium.

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