Best 5 VPNs to Watch Masters Tournament 2020 from any Countries

Golf is a pretty royal game. It’s a gentleman’s game and speaks of class. No wonder it attracts the best of the people in hordes towards its tournaments. Well, The Masters Tournament is about to start and we know for a fact that golf fans would not like to miss it for anything. If you live in a country where the official broadcasters are live streaming or broadcasting the game then it’s ok. In case you live in a country where the official broadcasters have locked the content then there is nothing to be sad about. 

VPN services are here to the rescue. A good quality VPN can help you unlock the blocked content and you can easily enjoy all the Golf games of the Masters Tournament. There are many good quality VPN services in the market. For the convenience of our readers, we have compiled a list of top 5 VPNs to watch the Masters Tournament 2020. 

Best 5 VPN to Live Stream Masters Tournament 2020

If you search for VPN service on google, you would get thousands of results with even more service offerings. This can be quiet confusing at times. That’s why here are the best 5 VPN that you can use for live streaming Masters Tournament 2020. 



A relatively lesser-known VPN service, Windscribe is making news in the sporting circles now. It comes with an unmatched feature and that is an unlimited number of devices can be connected with a single account. Most of the popular and expensive VPN services, in general, provide for 4-5 devices to be connected. It is also very cheap and costs only USD 9 per month. One thing is there that it might be cheap but it’s not the fastest VPN in the market. However, as far as watching the live stream of Masters Tournament is concerned it will do the trick. 

Hot Spot Sheild 

Extremely well known for its limited free service. It does come with a premium paid service too. Well for President’s cup even the free option would do as these guys have 2000+ servers spread across 90 locations. They also offer a week of the free trial of their premium service. It’s actually pretty cheap to subscribe also provided you are going for a long term subscription. For 36 months it would cost only USD 2.99 per month. On the flip side, it only supports 5 devices at a time and there is no live chat support also. 

Tunnel Bear 

If you are a person who loves golf and hates technology then this is the VPN service for you. It is the most user-friendly VPN in the market out there. Very easy to set up and use it also comes with a free option. Costs just 10 USD per month it’s really a breeze for people who are new to VPN scene. Perfect choice for live streaming of Masters Tournament 2020. Just give it a try. 


This is something right from a James Bond movie. If you are a privacy geek then this VPN is for you. They are based out of Switzerland and have 70+ locations covered. Their patent technology also covers places like China where VPN are banned. Plus they maintain a zero DNS and Zero log policy. That means nothing is saved anytime anywhere. 1-month service will cost you around USD 10 but its completely worth it. 

Opera VPN

Opera is a great browser that now comes with a free VPN service. For watching the Masters Tournament live stream it is also a great option. However, you have to use your live stream service through its browser only. They offer three locations for VPN as of now, which would suffice for the casual user. The best part is that it is free and is comparatively fast for a free VPN service. Download the browser and enjoy it. 

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