How To Earn Cash When Gambling On Golf?

Do you have dreams of earning the big bucks by making smart wagers and backing your favorite golfer? Well, with our golf gambling tips you can significantly increase your chance of winning!
If you want to make profitable golf bets you can’t just rely on dumb luck or hope and pray. No, you need to develop a well thought and reasoned strategy that can help outsmart bookmakers. Lucky for you we are going to share some of our favorite betting strategies below:

Wager On A Number Of Athletes To Win A Tournament

In a golf tournament, there are so many players vying to win that it is incredibly hard to pick the outright winner. Many beginner golf gamblers lose because they only choose one player which is similar to buying a lottery ticket. If you want to give yourself a great shot at winning you can hedge your risk and place money on multiple golfers to win the same tournament. We like betting on 3 to 4 golfers including a heavy favorite, a big underdog, and a semi favorite.

Always Gamble On Tiger Woods

Fortunes have been made betting on the greatest golfer of all time. In 2019 an American man bet $85,000 on Woods to win the Masters and ended up walking away with over $1 million after locking in 14 to 1 odds. Tiger Woods just has the clutch gene, it doesn’t matter how old he is or what current injury he is battling through whenever we see sportsbooks offering long odds we snatch them up.

Gamble On Young Athletes To Make The Top 10

A great way to make money when gambling on golf is finding young players who have all the talent in the world but have not shown it in a senior competition. While these golfers are unlikely to win a big tournament they do have a great chance to exceed expectations and sneak into the top 10. Always keep an eye out for young red hot prospects!

Place Some 3 Ball Bets

Are you looking for a style of wagering that offers tremendous value that is also great fun? Then you need to try 3 ball betting. With 3 ball gambles, 3 golfers are grouped together and your goal is to predict which golfer will place the highest out of this group and shoot the lowest score. With this style of bet, you don’t have to worry about predicting a winner and you can simplify your analysis process by only focusing on 3 players!

Try Out Our Golf Gambling Strategies

What are you waiting for? Now you have some awesome golf gambling strategies to try out! It is time to put these useful tips into practice at the next tournament.