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Every time whenever the President Cup comes, golf fans get the reason to breathe and enjoy it yet again. This time of the year, the Presidents Cup 2019 is about to take place in a few months. The event will start on the 9th of December and will run until the 15th of December 2019. Also, there have been past President Cup games where the Presidents Cup Past Winners list of enormous importance.

Time after time, the players have done exceptionally well, whereas each year, the deserving team has won the competition. Every year, the US Team fights with the International team where the world’s top-class golf players take an active part in the game.

Therefore, with an intention to let you know the Presidents Cup Winners List, come along as we unwrap each winner list, one by one.

Presidents Cup Past Winners List

Browsing the official websites and grabbing the accurate and detailed information, we have brought for you the past winners of the President’s Cup.

Therefore, let us reveal of those winners for the President’s Cup earlier events as soon as possible.

Presidents Cup Golf Past Winners List

1. 2017, New Jersey, USA

For the first time ever, three former US Presidents along with the current US president were at the 2017 Presidents Cup event. The 2019 event was held at the Liberty National Golf Club right in New Jersey.

In this event, Nick Price was the captain of the International team, whereas the US team was led by Steve Stricker.

After a long series of matches, the US team won the competition by a victory margin of 19-11.

2. 2015, Songdo, IBD, Korea

The State 2015 Presidents Cup was held at the Songdo, IBD which is located in South Korea. The venue of this cup was the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club, where fans came out in huge numbers.

Talking about both the teams, the US team was led by Jay Haas while Nick Price was the captain of the International team.

However, after a series of fights between both the teams, the US teams clinched victory from the jaws of the international team.

3. 2013, OHIO, USA

Talking about the 2013 President’s Cup, it welcomed the former president of the USA, Barack Obama. He was the honorary chairman of this event whereas the fans saw some of the best golf matches.

Wondering about both the teams, Fred Couples led the USA team where Nick Price was given the captaincy of the International Team. Even more, the event took place at the Muirfield Village Golf Club right in Dublin.

After a series of a fight between both the teams, yet again, the US team won by a massive margin of 18.5-15.5 Victory.

4. 2011, Victoria, Australia

Right at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, the 2011 Presidents Cup took place. This was the second time in international history when Greg Norman’s international team played against the Fred Couple’s US team.

Also, in this event, Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard was the chairwoman. For the very first time, Chairperson was a woman in the history of President’s Cup matches.

However, among the fight between both the teams, it was the US team who won against the International team, yet again.

Here, The US team retained their title by defeating the International team by a margin of 19-15 decision.

Look at other year’s President Cup Past Winners List

  • 2009 Winner: US Team by a margin of 19.5-14.5 Score
  • 2007 Winner: US Team won by a margin of 19.5-14.5
  • 2005 Winner: US Team won by an 18.5-15.5 victory margin
  • 2003 Winner: Match Tied between the US and International Team
  • 2000 Winner: US Team won by a massive 21.5-10.5 victory margin

Wrapping Things Up

Summing up the entire article, hope you have gone through each and every Presidents Cup Past Winners list.

Indeed, we can clearly see that the US team has dominated the Presidents Cup where they have defeated the International team by huge margins.

Fast forwarding in the year 2019, the Presidents Cup 2019 is just a few months away. Of course, the fans are eager to grab tickets and watch the event being at the venue.

However, there are lots of online users who want to watch the match from their homes and offices.

Don’t miss out any updates about Presidents Cup Golf 2019 here.

Till then, wait for the event to start and watch every single match of the Presidents Cup 2019, with joy and immense happiness.

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