What Are The Best Golf Wagers in 2021?

Golf wagering continues to explode in popularity as gamblers from across the world can effortlessly place bets online. To help you stick to profitable golf strategies, we are going to break down the top gambling styles in 2021! Check out below!

What Are Outright Wagers?

The outright gamble is the popular form of golf gambling and involves you backing a player to win a tournament. With many golf tournaments having over 100 participants you can find amazing odds which can help you scoop some serious paydays. When placing an outright bet, we like to gamble on numerous placers to reduce our risk and improve our chances of winning. Ensure you bet on at least one underdog as they have the highest odds and then one favorite to hedge. When making outright gambles you should only put a maximum of 1% of your bankroll on each game, otherwise you risk going broke.

Are Placing Wagers Worth It?

Gambling is a fantastic way to earn money via golf gambling. With a place wager, you are trying to predict a golfer to make it into the top 3, 5 or even 10 rather than win the entire tournament. This style of gambling is great for the risk adverse. You can make serious money with this wager by backing a young red hot prospect who has not produced any results on the senior tour. We like finding golfers who are in their early 20s and have all the talent in the world but have not quite shown it yet. We like betting on these young golfers to make the top 10 when they are playing at a home tournament.

How Do Matchup Bets Work?

Matchup bets are a fun way to gamble on golf and involve a sportsbook selecting two players from the same event putting them head to head. Your goal is to predict which golfer will come out on top and place higher in the tournament or shoot the lower score if you are gambling on a specific round. Matchups are usually selected based on the golfer’s ranking and their playing partner for the tournament. The great thing about matchup bets is you don’t have to worry about other players in the tournament and you can just focus on studying 2 golfers. This simplifies the whole process and gives you a higher chance of winning, not to mention substantially reduces your risk.

Time To Gamble!

Now you know the ideal golf wagers to make it is time to sign up at a sportsbook and put some bets. If you stick to our recommended gambling types you should have no problem winning!